On June 7th the governor of Stavropol region Vladimir Vladimirov awarded the president of Arnest AO Alexey Sagal with a well-earned title of “Hero of Labour of Stavropol Region” for distinctive labour merits in industrial development of the region and many years of dedicated work. The awarding of state and regional awards to Stavropol region citizens was timed to the Day of Russia. The Chairman of regional Duma Gennady Yagubov also participated in the awarding ceremony.

“Russia’s success is the achievements of millions of its citizens. I am proud of those who work every day and thereby enhance the well-being of our country and our region. The contribution of each of you multiplies the strength of our Motherland. Thank you for that!”, said Vladimir Vladimirov to the awardees.

Alexey Sagal has dedicated more than fifteen years to Arnest AO. Over these years the company has become the leader of aerosol industry in Russia and CIS. Under his direction the production volume has increased 11 times reaching a record level of 561 million pcs last year and the most advanced aerosol manufacturing technologies were embraced, which allowed to win orders from the largest international companies. Thanks to Alexey Sagal’s leadership and the focus on export development Arnest AO now supplies its products to 40 countries worldwide and almost third of its revenue comes from export.

Nowadays Arnest AO is part of Arnest Group consisting of several companies in Tula, Stavropol and Altay regions employing more than 3.5 thousand people. Arnest AO is one of the main participants of the National Aerosol Cluster, as part of which the manufacturing of many imported components necessary for aerosol production became local over the years.

“I am very pleased to receive such an award being born in the Stavropol region and having lived in Nevinnomyssk all my life. I know that it was initiated by the head of our city Mikhail Minenkov and associations and I greatly appreciate it. I am glad to see the changes in our region and in Nevinnomyssk in particular. Our employees want to live in our region and in our city, young people return home after graduation. I would like to thank the personnel of Arnest AO, which is turning 50 this year. This is a very significant milestone for us. We do our best to contribute to the development of our country and we are pleased that the products produced in Stavropol region are sold not only in Russia but also in many countries worldwide with sales growing. Now is a good time for growth and development!”, Alexey Sagal said.