First deputy Prime minister of Russian Federation and Finance Minister of Russian Federation Anton Siluanov visited Tula Region to hold a meeting on implementation of national projects such as “Labour productivity and employment support”, “International cooperation and export”. As part of the visit the Head of Finance Ministry visited Aerosol Novomoskovsk OOO and commended its work. Alexey Sagal, President of Arnest Group, and Elena Popovkina, General Director of Aerosol Novomoskovsk OOO, accompanied Anton Siluanov during the factory tour and provided necessary comments.

“This company has increased its labour productivity by 10% over a year. And our aim for 2024 is to increase total labour productivity by 5% every year. Thus we will scale up and implement this experience”, Anton Siluanov said.

In Aerosol Novomoskovsk OOO Head of Finance Ministry learned about the work of production lines, which meet all modern requirements. The factory was one of the first to enter a federal program “Labour productivity increase and employment support” by signing an agreement with regional Ministry of Labour and Social Protection in 2018 and made good progress. Russian Finance Minister expressed confidence that successful example of Aerosol Novomoskovsk OOO can be applied to other regions.

“We have about 10 thousand companies and we need to teach them new methods of management and business operations. If each company contributes as much as this company, then we will be able to fulfill our tasks”, Anton Siluanov highlighted.

During implementation of this program at Aerosol Novomoskovsk OOO labour productivity increased by 10% and execution time of production processes reduced 4 times. The company became one of the leaders in national program basing on the results of 2018.