57 employees of Arnest AO participated in a teambuilding event at “Pelagiada” recreation complex on September 21. Corporate outdoor teambuilding activities included active and intellectual games and tasks.

The teambuilding activities were organized by TeamLab company. The event program was called “Anomalous zone” and included active, creative, intellectual and constructive tasks. The participants were divided into 6 teams, which did not compete to each other, but had the same aim – to score 6000 points and establish contact with an alien civilization. The points were scored after completing various tasks, the type of which changed constantly from active to creative, from intellectual to extreme.

Emotions ran high and the teams were completing task after task with enthusiasm. The participants received parts of the alien message, decoded it, answered the questions and prepared their replies to be sent to space. The tasks required Arnest employees to trust one another and be well organized and collaborative.

The most emotional quest was the one on water, when the teams had to build rafts of rubber tubes and sail to send their messages into space. Sailing over the lake made the strongest impression and was a real adventure of the day.

Teambuilding with water tasks in autumn is quite extreme. The weather was getting worse and the cold led-like water surface was even grimmer under the dark clouded sky. The water task required the participants to be highly motivated and ready to overcome difficulties together, which raised the team spirit.

The teamwork experience and communication skills obtained during the day will surely be helpful for the Arnest team in solving different production tasks.