In accordance with the decision of the Administrative Office of the RSPP (OOP) and the Union Charter OJSC Arnest became a member of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs 24.03. 2016. Joining RSPP will allow the company to become a legally competent member of the largest Russian companies association - representatives of industrial, scientific, financial and commercial organizations in all regions of Russia. The management of OJSC Arnest intends to actively engage in a dialogue of representatives of the business community and the leaders of the federal government.
 "Becoming a part of RSPP we look forward to the opportunity to influence the economic agenda formation in the country. Modern realities require manufacturer’s consolidation for joint development of the industry development strategy more than ever. I’m sure that RSPP can be an effective business conductor of business proposals in governmental structure at federal level, "- said general director of OJSC Arnest Sergey Popov.
 Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs was founded in 1991. Activity of RSPP is associated with the combining efforts of Russian industrialists and businessmen aimed at business environment improvement, enhancing the status of Russian business in the country and in the world, maintaining the balance of society interests, government and business.