Stavropol territory government organized a huge media tour for more than 20 representatives of major federal media organizations in order to evaluate social and economic development of regional companies and the region itself. The journalists visited resorts of Kavkaz Mineral Water region and other cities of Stavropol territory. As part of the tour, media representatives visited Arnest AO on October 6.

The factory tour was conducted by General Manager Sergey Popov. The journalists learned about the full production cycle of aerosol products and visited two main workshops. The first one was the aluminum can workshop and industrial design lab, where reference samples are made.

Afterwards mass media representatives visited valve workshop, which became a basis for implementation of the National project “Labour efficiency and employment support” over half a year ago. They also visited new trigger production site, which started was launched in September 2019 as part of the joint cluster investment project “Local (import-substituting) production of aerosol components as part of industrial cooperation development in the National aerosol cluster”.

Arnest AO rapidly develops export contract manufacturing. “At the moment our export ratio is about 12% of total production volume, last year it was about 7%. We plan to reach export shipment ratio of about 20% by 2020, i.e. almost double it”, – General Manager of Arnest AO Sergey Popov said.