On September 17 to celebrate the 197th anniversary of Nevinnomyssk the best employees of Arnest AO, one of the city-forming enterprises, were awarded for their great contribution to the socio-economic development of the city. President of Arnest AO Alexey Sagal was awarded the badge “Honorary Citizen of Nevinnomyssk”.

On a warm, sunny and truly summer morning many citizens of Nevinnomyssk came to the square in front of the city administration to support their relatives, friends and colleagues, who received well-deserved awards that day. The team of Economy and Finance Director of Arnest AO, whose efforts minimized the consequences of changes in the foreign economic and political situation for Arnest Group companies in Nevinnomyssk and ensured their stable operation, was entered on the City Board of Honor.

Honorary Certificates of the city administration were awarded to aerosol product assembler Valentina Kaibkhanova, head of physical and chemical analysis laboratory Ksenia Goroshinskaya, category 1 accountant for payroll settlements Elena Shkarenkova and leading purchasing specialist Elena Shek. Letters of gratitude from the city administration were presented to leading economist Valentina Davydova, chemical analysis lab technician Evgenia Makarova, head of economy and strategic planning department Sergey Nikitchenko and aerosol product assembler Anna Rybalko.

At the evening gala concert, the head of Nevinnomyssk Mikhail Minenkov presented the badge and certificate “Honorary Citizen of Nevinnomyssk” to the president of Arnest AO Alexey Sagal for his significant contribution to the development of chemical industry and economy of Nevinnomyssk, as well as for implementation of various city improvement projects. “I am truly glad to live in this city, to do what depends on us, to develop our teams. I am very pleased with how dynamically our city is developing and changing, becoming better and more beautiful! Happy holiday, Nevinnomyssk!” Alexey Sagal said in his congratulatory speech.

Dear Arnest employees, company team congratulates you on the receipt of well-deserved awards and wishes you further success and new victories for the benefit of your home city!