Nevinnomyssk companies provide their assistance to the city in fighting COVID infection. Arnest Group is among them and has allocated 8.8 million rubles to the city hospital for a new transformer substation, which is needed for a new computed tomography scanner to be operational.

Large scale upgrading of Nevinnomyssk city hospital supported by the Stavropol region governor Vladimir Vladimirov is in progress. A new computed tomography scanner at the cost of more than 50 million rubles is going to be put into operation in the near future. A dedicated room for installation meeting all the requirements is already prepared in the hospital.

During the renovation and installation of new equipment the hospital faced a problem of insufficient power. It was not possible to increase the output of the available TS-4 and installation of a new substation is an expensive process, while it was needed urgently.

Arnest Group headed by the president of Arnest AO Alexey Sagal helped solving this issue. 8.8 million rubles were allocated for buying a new transformer substation and routing cables into the surgery building of the hospital. Pre-installation activities for the new substation to be installed are now in progress.

“It’s not the first time Arnest Group and Alexey Sagal help the city. Together with city hospital management and personnel I express deep gratitude to Arnest Group and personally to Alexey Sagal. Thank you for the help!”, wrote Nevinnomyssk mayor Mikhail Minenkov on his Instagram page.