First round of town championship for amateur teams “Arnest football league” started in the Victory park in Nevinnomyssk. 28 teams will take part in the championship, which will continue until June 2020.

At the formal opening of the event the sportsmen were greeted by Nevinnomyssk mayor Mikhail Minenkov, chairman of town Duma Alexander Medianik and president of Arnest AO Alexey Sagal. Nevinnomyssk mayor highlighted that great attention is paid to the development of football in the town and five new objects were built this year. There are two active teams in Nevinnomyssk: “StavropolAgroSoyuz” and “Nevinnomyssk-Arnest” and the children’s football is being developed.

The championship was opened by two games between “TOSER” (Nevinnomyssk town administration) – “Arnest” (Arnest AO) and “Artsakh” (Andropov district team) – “ZIP” (Measuring Equipment Plant “Energomera”). The match between “TOSER” and “Arnest” was spectacular and dynamic. Both teams were strong and neither was willing to give in to the opponent. Arnest company president Alexey Sagal was an attacking player for the team, scored one goal and gave an assist. The match ended 5:3 for Arnest.

Arnest AO implements a number of projects aimed at town improvement, sport development and youth support. During 2016 – 2018 46 million rubles were sent for charitable purposes, including sport events, construction of the “Rainbow” recreational ground consisting of an outdoor playset, small football field, volleyball court and training equipment. Last year Arnest AO allocated money for construction of a football field and celebration of citywide events.