Arnest AO was included into the list of systemic companies of Russian Federation prepared by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

“Inclusion into the list of systemic companies emphasizes company’s contribution to the development of the industry”, vice-president and chairman of the board of Arnest AO Vladimir Guryanov said. Arnest is the leader of domestic aerosol manufacturing industry with a market share of more than 50%. The company constantly expands its presence on foreign markets and currently holds more than 2.5% of world market. Due to current demand Arnest AO allocated part of the production lines for the manufacture of aerosol disinfectants. Should the necessity arise, current production capabilities of the company allow to manufacture up to 20 million disinfectants every month.

Governments support plays an important role during the crisis in economy providing the possibility to acquire preferential loans and reduce interest costs. However, its value for companies is not limited by that. “Inclusion into the list is not only a possibility to request assistance from the government, but also a certain indicator for partners, financial institutions, suppliers, counterparties and customers. Systemic steps from the government to preserve confidence among strategic partners is an additional and important anti-crisis measure”, Vladimir Guryanov added.