128 Arnest employees together with all the citizens of Nevinnomyssk participated in town clean-up event under the slogan “It’s easy” on April 20, 2019. About 300 companies and establishments and more than 51 thousand citizens participated in the environmental campaign.

Arnest AO General Manager Sergey Popov announced the start of the event in front of the company entrance. In his speech he noted that cleaning the street our company located on is easy and windy weather won’t be an obstacle, shall we work and not stand still.

The work started at 9 in the morning to dynamic music. Arnest employees were picking up dead branches and garbage, whitening trees and cutting grass along Kombinatskaya street to Arnest traffic circle. Thanks to team work of Arnest employees Kombinatskaya street got a much better look after several hours. During the event 32 thousand sq. m territory was cleaned, 38 cu. m of garbage, sand, dead branches and grass were taken out, 20 trees and bushes were planted. After the event there was a lunch organized for all the participants in the canteen.

In addition before the clean-up event Arnest employees cleaned the territory around the monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union Timofey Nikolayevich Podgorniy. Arnest employees have been looking after the monument for several years.