Nevinnomyssk citizens were cleaning up their city on the 4th of September. Workers of factories, companies and government organizations, pupils and students, volunteers and caring citizens participated in the large clean-up event, as well as Arnest Group workers in accordance with the tradition.

Arnest employees brought their family members and kids to the clen-up event, so that they all together could participate in land improvement works around Arnest AO and along Kombinatskaya and Montazhnaya streets. It’s nice to see the results of your work and support the common cause. The clean-up event has long become a holiday of cleanliness, order and good mood for Arnest Group workers.

For the second year in a row the clean-up event for Arnest employees starts on Monday and ends on Saturday due to the pandemic and necessity to follow epidemiological safety measures. Three to five hundred people have participated in the land improvement within six days.

The scope of work was large this time. Arnest Group workers were trimming the grass, cutting the scrubs, pruning and lime-washing the trees, cleaning the territory from Arnest AO to Arnest traffic circle and Montazhnaya street of trash and dead branches. All participants of the clean-up event were satisfied with the results of their work.