At 1-st of September in Nevinnomyssk Technological Institute (campus) of North-Caucasus Federal University was a celebratory assembly. Representatives of JSC «Arnest» congratulated first-year students with Knowledge Day.

Company’s authority presented to all first-year students volleyball balls and future specialists of aerosol branch got branded backpacks with writing equipment. Prior to the 1-st of September in in NTI building has been constructed a 3D wall, symbolizing synergy of the institute, especially, synergy of Chair of Technological Processes and Equipment of Aerosol Production and «Arnest» factory, path from being a student to a qualified and top requested specialist, an employee of one of the biggest manufacturing plants of the region.

CEO of the JSC «Arnest» Sergey Popov mentioned in his speech: «We are eagerly waiting first-year students not only in the institute but on our production places in order to adopt them into our technological cycle, so when the finish the institute they will have knowledge backed with a practical experience»