Arnest AO has adopted the necessary measures to prevent coronavirus from spreading under the current sanitary and epidemiological situation. Company employees follow safety precautions, as well as sanitary norms and rules aimed to protect human health in their work.

Many employees, whose work duties permit and who are at risk, were transferred to remote working. The thermal camera measuring the body temperature of each entering employee was installed at the main entrance to provide necessary security, safe distance marks were painted and hand disinfectant points were organized. The body temperature of each employee is also measured at their workplaces.

Safe working conditions, life and health of employees have always been and will remain a priority for Arnest AO. Each employee is provided with personal protection means and face masks, each department is equipped with hand disinfectants. Since the beginning of coronavirus infection contact surface disinfection measures at the company were strengthened. Public recreational spaces on and near company premises and corporate transport are disinfected, the use of third-party services is minimized. Disinfectant means produced by the company are handed out to the personnel to protect them off work.

Much attention is paid to communication and awareness-raising on coronavirus prevention. There are leaflets and informational materials displayed at central entrance, in office and production premises, video clips explaining how to protect your family and yourself during the epidemy. Several times a day a message from General Manager Sergey Popov containing preventive measure information and requesting to strictly follow the safety measures is broadcasted via the loudspeaker system of the company.

The management of Arnest AO urges the company employees, citizens of Nevinnomyssk and Stavropol territory to follow the measures aimed to prevent coronavirus from spreading.