Arnest AO employees took part in memory walk to “Eternal Glory” obelisk, floral offerings, holiday concert and other patriotic activities in Nevinnomyssk on the Victory Day and on its eve.

The celebration of 74th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War started in Nevinnomyssk even before May 9. City stage of the relay race “Victory flag”, in which Arnest employees have traditionally been participating, took place on the previous day. The employees also supported web event “On the wave of Victory” and sang several lines from the song “Victory Day”. The video of many citizens singing the song was shown on air on the Victory Day by local mass media.

On the morning of May 9 Arnest AO employees gathered in front of the monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union Timofey Nikolayevich Podgorniy to honour his memory by laying wreath and flowers. Afterwards Arnest employees joined the city-wide event in 50 Years of October Revolution square and marched in columns with St. George ribbons and flowers to “Eternal Glory” obelisk. The employees and their families carried lilacs, may lilies and carnations to lay them in front of the Eternal flame and remember the fallen warriors who save the world from Nazism. And of course the living heroes, who stood out at the front and in the rear and won, were honoured this day.

After the formal part the celebration of the Victory Day continued in the square near the city administration. For the third year in a row Arnest employees organize amateur concert, so that all the citizens could gather together on the national holiday, reminisce about the heroes of the past, tell their relatives and friends about them, congratulate each other on the Victory Day.

This year music duo “Vizer” and famous Russian chanson singer Eugeniy Ross performed here. Together with the organizers adult and young citizens of Nevinnomyssk were choiring most popular songs about the war and such a dear Victory.