The meeting of the Council coordinating RSPP (Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs) branches in North-Caucasus Federal District (hereinafter the Council) took place on February 10 in the video conference format. The meeting was opened and led by Vladimir Guryanov, Chairman of the Council, RSPP Vice-President and Arnest AO Chairman of Board. Main topic of the meeting was the influence of COVID-19 on the economy of NCFD.

RSPP President Alexander Shokhin, Presidential Envoy to NCFD Yuriy Chayka, member of RSPP Administrative office and Chairman of RSPP Coordinating Council for COVID-19 Countering Andrey Guryev, RSPP Executive Vice-President Victor Cherepov, Stavropol Region Governor Vladimir Vladimirov, Head of the Republic of Ingushetia Mahmud-Ali Kalimatov as well as representatives of republic governments, Ministers of Economic Development and Industrial Sector of NCFD regions, regional RSPP branch managers of NCFD participated in the meeting.

Presidential Envoy to NCFD Yuriy Chayka welcomed the participants of the meeting and thanked Alexander Shokhin for the initiative to hold the meeting and the support provided to the regions in overcoming the consequences of COVID-19.

Yuriy Chayka highlighted that under modern conditions the policy of import substitution is essential for national economy and often underlies the development of national companies and organizations’ capacities for production of internationally competitive goods and services, as well as expansion of their application range in various sectors of Russian economy. According to him, active and systemic work aimed at improvement of investment environment and development of promising industrial clusters is needed. When taking decisions on their development it is important to carefully calculate economic feasibility and take into account modern trends in technological progress, in order to move with the time or even be ahead of it with the help of innovations. “I am sure this meeting will be productive and beneficial”, Yuriy Chayka said.

RSPP President Alexander Shokhin emphasized that COVID-19 pandemic has disturbed the forecasts for development of world economy and national economies. Russian Federation Government has developed various support measures in order to help the business overcome the consequences of COVID-19 spreading. Alexander Shokhin highlighted that it is necessary to maintain most demanded anti-crisis measures in 2021 for systemic companies, affected industries, small and medium businesses. He also suggested forming a specialized task team, which should include representatives of regional executive bodies and regional RSPP branches in NCFD, in order to support the development of industry and commerce in NCFD.

In conclusion of the meeting RSPP President Alexander Shokhin one more time emphasized the necessity of maintaining economy support measures until the end of the pandemic. First of all, that means the support of mostly affected industries, small and medium businesses, maintaining stability of companies and jobs.

As a result of the meeting, it was decided to form a specialized task team of the Coordination Council under Presidential Envoy to NCFD and include representatives of RSPP and regional executive bodies of NCFD in it.

Based on the information on the web-site of Regional Employers Union of Stavropol Region “Congress of business communities of Stavropol Region”