II International Forum “Aluminum in architecture and construction” (AlumForum) took place in Technopark Skolkovo from 21st to 23rd of September. The event was organized by the Union of Russian Architects and the Union of Moscow Architects with the support of Russian Ministry of Construction and Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade as part of the activities planned for the Year of Architecture and City Building in the CIS. Arnest AO Board Chairman Vladimir Guryanov participated in the session “Creating green future” (in partnership with RUSAL UC).

Forum’s program is aimed at interprofessional interaction, strengthening business contacts among companies in aluminum, glass and construction industries, market leaders and leading architects, designers and developers from Russia, the CIS and other countries. For the second year, the event is held in order to assist the fulfillment of state development programs for domestic economy through the implementation of new promising national projects, including the “Ecology” project.

The session “Creating green future” took place on September 21, where such questions as striving for carbon neutrality, aluminum with low carbon footprint, ecological programs and social responsibility were discussed. Vladimir Guryanov, Vice-President and Chairman of Board of Arnest AO was one of the speakers during the session and informed the colleagues about climate strategy of Arnest Group, purchasing low carbon aluminum for package production, aluminum can production technology and high importance of alloy quality for package production. “Arnest AO, as a world-known company producing aluminum package for transnational clients, is actively involved in the implementation of the global climate and sustainable development agenda”, Vladimir Guryanov said.