In December 2020, Arnest AO won the annual competition organized by the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Communications of the Stavropol Territory in the field of high-quality and competitive products among the enterprises of the territory in the nomination “Industrial Stavropol Territory”. Due to the epidemiological situation, the awarding ceremony was held by intercom.

Thirteen regional organizations working in different industries filed documents for participation in 2020. The evaluation of competitive materials was carried out using a point-based system. Specialists from field-specific organizations and departments were involved as experts. In the nomination “Industrial Stavropol Territory” the first place was taken by Arnest AO.

“The list of the competition winners includes steadily working and continuously developing organizations that make efforts to produce high-quality and competitive products and services in Stavropol territory. Thanks to the professionalism of managers and teams, many goods and services of local production are already rated as a world-class quality brand,” said the Minister of Energy, Industry and Communications of the Stavropol Territory Vitaly Shulzhenko.

The competition is held on an annual basis in order to stimulate the improvement of quality of products and services, and to promote the introduction of effective quality management methods. To participate in it, a report on the activities of Arnest AO was prepared, which reflected the achieved results on the established quality criteria, described new approaches to the production and management organization, necessary, first of all, in investment policy when carrying out technical reconstruction at the enterprise in the process of new equipment and technology introduction.

Arnest AO carries on its business mainly on the basis of an innovative approach and makes the development of  new goods and services the main aim of strategic development. The introduction of innovations is one of the ways to increase the competitiveness of products.