Governments of Stavropol region, Karachai-Cherkess republic, Tula region and OOO National Aerosol Cluster have took part in Russian economic forum “Sochi-2018” and reached a cooperation agreement for creating of industrial cluster. Governor of Stavropol region Vladimir Vladimirov, governor of Tula region Alexey Dyumin, head of Karachai-Cherkess republic Rashid Temrezov and president of JSC Arnest Alexey Sagal have put their signatures on the document.

This agreement expands the range of cooperation. Initially cluster consisted only of 10 industrial facilities (9 of them in Stavropol region and 1 – in Karachai-Cherkess republic). Three facilities from Tula region will join them after reaching this agreement. Today one of them carries out an investment project for tin cans manufacturing. It is planned, that accomplishing of this initiative will allow significantly decrease domestic manufacturers’ reliance on similar production from abroad.

Decreasing of reliance on imported production is not the only effect expected from this agreement: rise in the turnover, increasing of production release, expanding of opportunities for further development of facilities, expansion of social-economic input of their work in each region of cluster are also expected.

JSC Arnest has become the core enterprise of the first Russian national aerosol cluster which was created in 2016. Initially cluster consisted only of 9 industrial facilities in Stavropol region and 1 manufacturer in Karachai-Cherkess republic. College of chemistry and technologies of Nevinnomyssk and North-Caucasus Federal University which is hosting the only chair of aerosol branch specialists in Russia are also members of this association. 

Now 3 aerosol- and semi-products facilities from Tula region are joining this cluster. Chairman of the board of JSC Arnest Vladimir Guryanov marked, that in the context of cooperation there is a plan of expanding of aerosol cans production in Tula region.

Vladimir Guryanov also mentioned that: “All of this will give Stavropol region, Tula region, and Karachai-Cherkess republic an opportunity to establish interregional cooperation in the field of aerosol production and to strengthen economical connections. Moreover, there is a regulatory framework to support cluster members who are being administrated by Industry and Trade Ministry. And in general – any cooperation means new workplaces and additional investments.”