On November 6 acting Governor of the Stavropol region (SR) Mr. Vladimir Vladimirov visited OJSC Arnest in the framework of his working visit along major industrial enterprises of the region. The government delegation included deputy Chairman of the SR Government Mr. Andrey Murga, senior deputy Chairman of the SR Government Mr. Nikolay Velikdan, SR Duma deputy Mrs. Elena Bondarenko, Nevinnomyssk mayor Mr. Sergey Batynyuk, Nevinnomyssk Duma Chairperson Mrs. Nadezhda Bogdanova. The welcoming party of OJSC Arnest consisted of Arnest Group President Mr. Alexey Sagal, General Director of OJSC Arnest Mr. Sergey Popov, Vice-President of OJSC Arnest Mr. Vladimir Guryanov. The event started with fact-finding – the guests were shown  the industrial site of OOO Alumar, a joint venture of OJSC Arnest and ALUMAN, a Greek company. As of today Alumar is one of the stages to establish the National Aerosol Cluster. In the course of the visit to the aluminium aerosol can-making department and aerosol filling department, the delegation members were able to see in practice the whole finished goods manufacturing cycle – from an aluminium blank (slug) to the finished product. The next step of the visit was a meeting, during which General Director of OJSC Arnest Mr. Sergey Popov hosted a presentation on investments in packing manufacture, and Arnest Group President Mr. Alexey Sagal familiarized the guests with the production growth prospects. Issues of further development of the industrial bloc on the Stavropol territory, prospects of participation of large industrial enterprises in implementation of significant regional socio-economic projects were also discussed at the meeting. Summing up the visit results, Mr. Vladimir Vladimirov provided an appreciation  of OJSC Arnest activities, emphasizing the important economic value of the enterprise for the region and the whole area.