On September 1, 2015 Nevinnomyssk Technological University (branch) of North Caucasus Federal University enrolled first students to the new Department of Technological Processes and Aerosol Production Equipment established with the support of Arnest AO. Four years later, the company employs first graduates of the industry-specific department.

In June 6 bachelors successfully passed state exams and defended their qualification works in “Technological machines and equipment” and “Chemical technology” areas. The graduates showed decent knowledge and readiness for work. During the four years of education future specialists of aerosol industry combined theoretical classes and practice at production sites of the factory in accordance with education program. Not only teachers of the university, but also factory specialist with great work experience participated in the educational process.

“Today we can say for sure that the project of Arnest AO and NCFU to create the first industry-specific department for training of aerosol industry specialists in Russia has been successfully implemented” – said General Manager Sergey Popov. Young highly professional specialists have finished studying and received guaranteed jobs at Arnest AO.