Every child dreams to visit his/her parent’s work place. Arnest AO makes this dream come true. On September 5th those children of employees, who became first-grade pupils, visited the factory and production workshops and learned about manufactured products.

43 children took part in regular annual excursion. Arnest AO general manager Sergey Popov congratulated children with the beginning of a school life. He encouraged them to study well to become an operator, an engineer, an accountant or maybe even a director and to come to work at our company.

The excursion started in the can workshop, where the children saw the production of aluminum cans. They were studying aluminum workpieces – rondels, cans and line equipment with interest and rapture. On the way to another workshop the children joyfully took pictures with famous sculpture of Arnest AO – “The fly”. In the filling workshop the children saw different processes of aerosol can filling.

It was a big finding for the little guests to touch upon the history of the big company, where their parents work, and visit their work places. Each parent was able to become a guide and introduce his/her parent to adults’ world.

The children went home with sweet gifts and a lot of new experiences.