Microbiologist Engineer of Quality Control Department Elena Fursova became the laureate of the XXII Russian competition “Engineer of the Year 2021” according to “Engineering Art of the Young”. Elena was awarded a diploma, a commemorative medal “Laureate of the Competition”, a certificate and a decoration “Professional Engineer of Russia” and moreover, the name of promising young specialist was recorded in the Register of professional engineers of Russia.

Earlier Elena Fursova won the first round of the Russian competition and reached the second round in which she was awarded a title “Laureate of the Russian competition “Engineer of the Year” in the nomination “Biotechnology”. It stands to mention that it isn’t the first victory on Elena’s list of professional achievements. She is a very active and initiative employee and she constantly takes part in different competitions. For example, in 2019 and 2020 Elena won prizes in the competition “Engineer of the Year of Stavropol territory”.

Elena Fursova always eagerly takes part in production and social events of the company and makes improvement suggestions. She is an active participant of improvement proposal system and the winner of professional skill competition “The Best in Profession” among chemical analysis lab technicians. Not a single corporate event or competition is complete without Elena! Surprisingly, her creative energy and desire to prove herself, show her mastery and professionalism, gain new knowledge and experience don’t leave Elena even on maternity leave! She continues to take part in company’s social life and professional competitions. Our winner submitted the application to participate in the Russian competition while on maternity leave.

Elena Fursova came at Arnest AO in 2016 after she graduated from Stavropol State Medical University with a degree in Biotechnology. According to Elena the first year of her work at the company was vital for gaining experience as a microbiologist engineer, as well as for improving professional skills and gaining knowledge in the field of perfume and cosmetic production.

“Support of the team and my achievements help me to self-fulfill, self-improve and give me invaluable experience. At first, I enjoy my success like a child and then I concentrate on the plans and try to apply the gained experience and knowledge. I’m sure I’ll be searching for new prospects and creative opportunities to achieve my goals! I wish all my colleagues to dream, develop and believe in themselves!”, said Elena Fursova.

Arnest Team congratulates Elena on her big professional achievement and wishes her to conquer new heights! We’re proud of our colleague!