Sportsmen of all ages from different Russian cities gathered atop the Nevinnomyssk Mountain on November 24. The Nevinnomyssk Trail took place in the town for the first time despite the cold and windy weather. Arnest workers also participated in the event.

The sportsmen from Stavropol, Krasnodar, Moscow, Volgograd, Orenburg and Rostov regions, Sankt-Petersburg, Kabardian-Balkar and Karachay-Cherkess republics came to Nevinnomyssk. The running competition of such scale was held for the first time not only in Nevinnomyssk, but in the south of Russia as well.

The trail organizers mentioned that the relief of the Nevinnomyssk Mountain is perfectly suitable for such contests. Each distance ran along the most optimal route. Comfortable geographic location allows the sportsmen to reach the competition place quickly and comfortably.

The trail included 5 distance of different difficulty: 1 km (children trail), 3 km, 10 km, 26 km and 52 km. Arnest AO was represented by six people, who ran 3 km and 10 km.

All sportsmen received medals and certificates and the winners were awarded with cups.