Arnest AO provides charity support to healthcare, social, educational and government institutions, as well as vulnerable residents who need support during coronavirus infection spreading. Available production capacities of the company are put to production of aerosol disinfectants. This decision was taken pursuant to the social policy of the company, which declares life and health of citizens an absolute priority.

The company is actively involved in medical projects allowing the healthcare system of Stavropol territory to be mobilized quicker under new conditions. Arnest AO purchased 200 valves necessary for connection of medical equipment to oxygen supply lines amounting to three million rubles for the regional Ministry of Health. “This is the example of true corporate social responsibility. The support of corporations will help to save lives and health of our citizenry”, Stavropol territory governor Vladimir Vladimirov said.

Arnest AO provides aerosol disinfectants on a free of charge basis to senior citizens, single pensioners, people with limited mobility and multi-child families. The support has been provided to various institutions of Stavropol territory, including healthcare, educational, social, government agencies and departments, Pyatigorsk and Cherkessk eparchies. Arnest AO supplied aerosol disinfectants for air, surfaces and medical equipment to medical personnel of Stavropol clinical hospital for children named after G.K. Philippskiy and personnel of Nevinnomyssk social-rehabilitation centre for minors “Gavan”.

By the decision of Arnest AO management five thousand aerosol disinfectors were sent to Karachay-Cherkess Republic for veterans of the Great Patriotic War, senior citizens and those in need. “I express my sincere gratitude to the President of Arnest AO Alexey Sagal for response to our request”, Head of Karachay-Cherkess Republic Rashid Temrezov said.

Arnest AO purchased disinfectants, non-contact thermometers and other medical goods for pre-school educational institutions. The company also provided Nevinnomyssk administration with the necessary number of vessels for disinfection of public spaces. The company management is ready to provide necessary means for charitable purposes until the epidemiological situation returns to normal.