Tula, November, 5 – Nobility Assembly House welcomed participants and winners of the national entrepreneurship prize “Golden Mercury” in Tula regional awarding ceremony.

There were Yuri Andrianov the chairman of Tula region government, Yuri Agafonov the president of Tula chamber of commerce and industry (CCI), Ilya Bespalov economic development, industry, transport and communications deputy head of Tula administration and others who took part in awarding ceremony.

There were 17 nominations and 58 claimers to the prize.

Aerosol Novomoskovsk LLC participated in federal awards round and was chosen as the best import substitution enterprise. The winner’s certificate was given to Elena Popovkina CEO at Aerosol Novomoskovsk LLC. Such a high estimation of the company’s work is the result of the high achievements in complete substitution of import tinplate can by the can of its own production. In 2015 the third tinplate can production line was installed at Aerosol Novomoskovsk LLC. Thus, the three lines are fully cable of providing the plant with its own aerosol package. Evaluating Aerosol Novomoskovsk LLC, the contest jury also took into account such characteristics as high quality of the manufactured products, high market demand for them among consumers and participation in various specialized exhibitions.