On the 16-th of September Nevinnomyssk has celebrated its 192-nd birthday. On the special celebration event were honored many work collectives and citizens. Mayor of Nevinnomyssk Mikhail Minenkov presented to the President of JSC “Arnest” Alexey Sagal “Social Recognition” badge for his significant contribution into the social and economic development of the city and charity. In respect to Nevinnomyssk 192-nd birthday JSC “Arnest” was marked on the wall of honor and its employees were awarded.

At the morning on square in front of the town administration a wall of honor was ceremonially opened. Citizens and work collectives have taken their honorable place in town’s history. JSC “Arnest” is among them. Certificate of marking of the JSC “Arnest” on the wall of honor was presented by Mayor Mikhail Minenkov to the member of the board of directors of JSC “Arnest” Anatoly Alexandrov and president’s corporate communications assistant Elena Podogova.

Certificate of appreciation of Nevinnomyssk administration was awarded to the head of Quality management division Natalya Gontar’, also special thanks were given to lead engineer (in construction supervision) of technical reequipping and construction and building supervision division Vasili Velikohat’ko.