Nevinnomyssk celebrated its birthday on September 22: the industry capital of Stavropol region turned 193. The official opening of the celebration took place in the square in front of Nevinnomyssk administration, where work groups and citizens were awarded. Six employees of Arnest are among award recipients.

Awarding ceremony was led by town mayor Mikhail Minenkov. Arnest OAO trade union chairperson Elena Evglevskaya was awarded with “Public Recognition” badge. This award was established by town administration in 2013 as appreciation of merits for citizens, factory workers and organizations of Nevinnomyssk. This year six citizens had the honor to receive this badge.

On the birthday of Nevinnomyssk the Recognition Board was renewed. As on today the board contains 11 photos of people from different companies and 11 photos of town work groups, that received certificates about entering the Recognition Board. Arnest AO head of taxation department Natalia Voronina is among the awarded.

Nevinnomyssk mayor Mikhail Minenkov also presented leading purchasing specialist Elena Shek and plastics producing equipment adjuster Nikolay Shumeyko with town administration certificates of appreciation. President assistant (for corporate communications) Elena Podogova and category 1 planning and supply specialist Olga Protsenko were awarded with Nevinnomyssk administration letters of gratitude.